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We have the great honor of working with so many amazing veterinary practices.  Our mission is to help achieve the goals of a practice with as little stress, time and money as possible.  We have experience in practices large & small, single owner to multiple locations.  We can help transform a culture, increase profitability, bring in more leads and reduce the overall stress of running a business within the veterinary industry.  


Below is an example of some of the practices we have had the pleasure of coaching.

Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery of Ohio

Dr. Jamie Berning is owner of Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery of Ohio and is the first female, Board Certified Veterinary Dentist in Ohio. She began her practice as a mobile veterinary dentistry practice, but in 2020 decided it was time to establish a practice within her own facility. She contacted coach Michelle to help her with this endeavor. Within 2 months of signing a lease, they had the business up and running and in the first year the business is flourishing and profitable!

Good Life Veterinary Care Logo

Dr. Laurel Beck was referred to Coach Michelle from another amazing client. She had purchased an existing practice and was ready to take it to the next level. Through the process we have been able to grow her practice to add another associate Veterinarian and a Practice Manager. She has an amazing team and the sky is the limit on where this practice can go.

Compassionate Care Animal Hospital

Dr. Julie Miles is the owner of Compassionate Care Animal Hospital. She was referred to Coach Michelle from an amazing pharmaceutical representative who had worked with Michelle in the past. Dr. Miles had built an amazing practice from scratch and was beginning to feel the strains of a successful growing business and little help. She and Michelle were able to work on some strategies to continue to move her practice forward and we were excited to hire her first Practice Manager.


Michelle was brought in by a veterinary pharmaceutical company to host a team day for the team at Willow Wood. After that, she met with the owner, Dr. Scott Whiteman to discuss how Michelle could help him to reduce stress, free up his time, make his team happier and make his practice even more profitable. In January 2018, Michelle began coaching with Willow Wood. She has been able to implement so many changes with them, stop a toxic culture and help them to hire their very first manager.


Dr. Tasha Small met Michelle at a veterinary seminar when she was still an Associate Veterinarian at Pondview. In 2018, Dr. Tasha bought the practice as the sole owner and in 2019, Michelle and Tasha reconnected and began the coaching process. Dr. Tasha is a great example of an owner who is open to learning, changing and growing.

Spring Meadow Veterinary Clinic

Spring Meadow Veterinary Clinic has worked with our team for many years. Initially we were brought in to work primarily on the culture of the practice. After a successful change in the employee attitudes and the reduction of the stress of the leadership team, this business soared. They are now expanding their working space to accommodate all of the business they have. We are working on protecting the culture they have built while navigating the major changes to the business.

Berwick Animal Clinic

Berwick Animal Clinic is one of our fastest growing practices. They realize that when you are growing fast, it is easy to get caught up in the motion and lose the time you once had to devote to your business. Luckily, Dr. Bando isn't letting this happen. By working with his coach, he has made it a priority to not only enjoy his time as a veterinarian, but to also devote time working on the business to keep the high level of customer and patient care that his team has always provided.

Kimball Animal Hospital

Kimball Animal Hospital has been coaching with our team for a few years and are one of the fastest growing veterinary practices due to their diligence in always setting a goal and working with their coach to achieve and beat that goal every quarter. Read their case study and watch their testimonial video for more details. We are also proud that this practice has been a winner at the BizX North American Conference 2 years in a row for their amazing Client Service and Community Impact.


Upon her recent purchase of an existing practice, Dr. Devon Horne had the forward thinking mindset to bring us in to help transition the company right away. She is working diligently with her coach to create an amazing team, increase efficiencies and profitability by creating systems and standard operating procedures for this rapidly growing practice. The sky is the limit to how far this amazing practice will go.

North Kenny Veterinary Hospital

North Kenny Veterinary Hospital recently joined our wonderful group of businesses to work on their exciting goals for the business. After other consulting relationships had failed to get their business where they wanted to go, they were feeling very frustrated. In the short time that Michelle has worked with them, they are already seeing a significant difference and their stress levels have been greatly reduced.


Along with coaching a business as a whole, we also offer executive coaching as well as team training. Larger companies will utilize us to be their outsourced trainers to keep the business growing and help their teams to thrive.

Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital

When an owner truly cares about their team, a business thrives. We have been working with this very successful practice for a couple of years. The owner contacted us to reduce the stress on his team and create a culture where people love to come to work. Through the success of this program, the already successful business has only continued to grow at a rapid pace.

Newark Veterinary Hospital

When she was not able to find an existing practice that fit what she was looking for, Dr. Jodi Houser did a very brave thing and started a new practice from scratch. She did an amazing job and she added Michelle to her team as a coach to make sure that she had the best start possible. She had been feeling a lot of the same stresses that many practice owners feel and with Michelle's help, she gained the confidence, skills and structure to continue to grow her amazing, dream practice.


“Michelle has been our coach for 9 months. Her and the team at Action Coach are outstanding.! They go above and beyond to help our business, personal growth, and overall happiness. I don't know how we did this without them! I can't thank them enough!

Dr. Joe Bando, Owner-Berwick Animal Clinic

​I would highly recommend Action Coach! They will help you change for the better, but only if you are willing to put in the work. Take their advice and avoid standing still in your business. They tap into what you have and allow you to progress.
Dr. Jason Rivas, Owner-Kimball Animal Hospital
"I started working with Michelle Calcasola and Action Coach two years after starting my own veterinary hospital. Michelle helped me in so many areas of the business, including finances/budgeting, human resources, team-building, time management, and personal work/life balance. Through in-person meetings, phone calls, and emails, she made herself and her knowledge readily available to me. She was also able to use her many resources to help me grow as a business owner and improve my workplace. I did not realize how much I did not know about my business until Michelle started coaching me. Now my business is more organized and profitable, and I am a better leader for my team.“
Jodi Houser, DVM, Owner, Newark Veterinary Hospital
"Michelle is a great business coach! Michelle listens as a friend does and asks all the right questions to get you to dig deep. Once everyone has the goal in place, she will work tirelessly with you and your team to get you one step closer to your goal while having fun and respectfully challenging you along the way. It's amazing to see where you start, what you learn, and what you can do as a person/company/team with Michelle by your side.  Lynn Wackery- Director of Real Estate- Medvet Medical & Cancer Center for Pets
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