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Coaching Programs

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One to One Coaching Program

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One to One Coaching 

This is our most popular program as well as the most successful program for results because of the ongoing coaching relationship.

Owners and managers or key team members will meet once a week with their coach to review goals, strategies and action steps to ensure the company is moving towards success. The coach will also offer assistance in any business related issues that may arise.  

Within this program, we consider your coach to be "on retainer", therefore, outside of your weekly, scheduled meeting time, if there is a time that you need assistance from your coach, they are simply a phone call or email away.

This program also allows for complimentary admission to our quarterly growth club (planning session) for the business owner and key team members as well as discounted rates on our Leadership seminar classes.

Leadership Development

Becoming a leader is more than just a title and it is not a job to be taken lightly.  To be a truly effective leader, you must learn how to foster the relationships with those you want to lead.  You must gain their trust by making a connection, inspiring, achieving results, and following through with your promises.

In this education series, we will guide you through the process of becoming a phenomenal leader; someone that people are excited to follow.  You will learn from our coaches, work with other leaders to gain new insights and ideas, and receive one-to-one coaching to help you through any roadblocks along the way.


Team Alignment

Team culture is one of the number one reasons that businesses are struggling.  The team isn't happy, the owner isn't happy and turnover is costing the business profits everyday.

In our team alignment program, our coaches work with your entire company for 4-6 hours to develop respect for each other, a clearer understanding of the business and it's needs and rules that the team agrees to follow to help make the business a more enjoyable place to spend the day.

Let's face it, every week we spend more time with our coworkers than our own family and friends- shouldn't we enjoy being there?

Contact us to learn more about our Team Alignment Day!

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